Tri-Roads Planning District

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What is Tri-Roads Planning District?

Tri-Roads Planning District is a board made up of council members from both the Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West and the Municipality of Russell Binscarth, the CAO's and Planning and Development Officer. The Planning and Development Officer handles all building permits and administration of the Development Plan and Zoning By-Law for any new residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, or recreational development.

Which Rural Municipalities and Villages are included in the Tri Roads Planning District?

In 2013, Manitoba Municipalities were directed by the Province to amalgamate. As a result of this direction, the Town of Russell and Village of Binscarth entered the process of amalgamating to form the Municipality of Russell-Binscarth and the Rural Municipalities of Silver Creek and Shellmouth-Boulton entered into the process of amalgamating to form the Rural Municipality of Riding Mountain West. The Tri-Roads Planning District includes the RM of Russell Binscarth and the RM of Riding Mountain West and was formed years prior to amalgamation. 


The Purpose of the Development Plan

The development plan will serve as a framework for decision-making for the Planning District to guide and formulate development policies and decisions for the area’s economic growth and livability. It will also identify opportunities regarding development of land, as well as, social, environmental and economic factors that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the Tri-Roads Planning District. In addition, it will establish the necessary short-term and long-term actions for the implementation of the development plan.


Economic Development Tool vs. Regulation

The Tri-Roads development plan and Zoning Bylaw will act as a vehicle for future economic development. Its role will be much more than a form of regulation. The development plan will create a tool for community economic development to attract industry, business and community amenities such as health care. It will essentially create a plan of action for the Tri-Roads community for liveability and future prosperity.

For more information about the Tri-Roads Planning District, or to obtain a Building, Plumbing or Development Permit, please contact the Tri-Roads Planning District Office:

Adrienne Falloon - Planning and Development Officer

Office Phone - (431) 888-0136

Call/Text - (204) 773-0230

178 Main St N, Russell

PO Box 10

Russell, MB

R0J 1W0