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Core Values: Growth & Prosperity: An organization with a cohesive vision and commitment to success, we will support and facilitate the growth and prosperity of the Russell & District business community. 

Accountability and Integrity: We listen, communicate,and welcome others into the process. We live up to our responsibilities through open and transparent processes. In all we do, we will be inclusive. We will carry out our initiatives with integrity and respect for our membership and the community. 

Innovation: We are welcoming of diversity; new members and new ideas are a source of inspiration and motivation. We will ensure that innovative means are used to give the Chamber visibility and accessibility. 

Vision: By fostering partnerships and taking a leadership role, the Russell & District Chamber of Commerce is creating a region where we: 

· Take pride in our communities and businesses. 

· Understand, communicate and promote the value of tourism and its direct and indirect benefits. 

· Provide a supportive and learning environment for businesses and entrepreneurs. · Enhance and support our agricultural roots and strengths.

Mission: The Russell & District Chamber of Commerce facilitates, fosters and encourages the growth and development of commerce in the Municipality of Russell-Binscarth’s and surrounding communities including but not limited to Binscarth, Inglis, Angusville, and Shellmouth. 

If you share our values we want to extend an invitation to you to become a member. Feel free to contact us today if you would like to become a member or have any additional questions.

Please call 773-2456 for more information

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