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Municipality of Russell BinscarthMayor’s Message…
Welcome to the Municipality of Russell Binscarth and this Information Site:
As a newly amalgamated municipality, we thank you for taking an interest in our expanded community and we would like to share some information about us with you.
Our new boundaries include the Village of Binscarth, the former Rural Municipality of Russell and the Town of Russell.  The combined population of the new municipality is about 2500 and we provide services to approximately 13,000 people.  Our local government is head-quartered in Russell which is the major service centre with our jurisdiction.
Our general location provides an outstanding setting with picturesque landscapes, beautiful river valleys and pristine prairie lakes.  This setting is complemented with gentle rolling terrain for grain and livestock production.  This beautiful countryside environment provides an inviting opportunity for a sensational and memorable tourism experience for individuals and families.  Hiking, camping, boating, fishing, biking, skiing, bird-watching and many other activities provide an exciting experience for people of all ages.
Our service centre in Russell is complemented by a beautiful residential community of Binscarth just 10 short minutes to the south with an excellent elementary school including an adjacent playground, a library, a spacious and inviting park and pool just minutes away from this welcoming, beautifully manicured, residential community. The community includes a theatre which is home to a performing arts group and a new fine dining restaurant invites local and travelling public to enjoy an evening of hospitality and exquisite cuisine.  Binscarth is also the home of two grain operating elevators which are major assets in the agriculture industry.  These facilities are complimented with a canola crushing plant west of Russell.
The Town of Russell, home to about 1700 people is situated at the convergence of three major highways and is regional service centre.  The centre provides a growing commercial and retail business sector and a high quality education system from pre-school to post secondary education. This community is home to a quality regional medical centre with four doctors, an emergency medical centre, a cancer care facility and a chemo-dialysis treatment unit. A variety of recreational facilities such as the multiplex on Main Street a beautiful community centre, a curling rink and a 9 hole golf course just 5 minutes east of town provide young and mature with a generous mix of recreational opportunity.  A large spacious Inn provides travelers with a relaxing end of the day experience.  A short 20 minute drive to the north opens a door to another menu of recreation including fishing, boating, hiking, golfing, waterskiing, and yes, the best winter ski park east of the Rockies.
This community is focused on quality of life issues for our citizens and for those looking for a community in which to raise a family in a safe, healthy and active environment. Our residential areas are safe, clean and provide generous green space for play and relaxation.  Our main street has been reconstructed so as to provide local citizens and visitors with a quality experience while visiting the "down town” area.
As Mayor for this new municipality, I invite you to join us by exploring the vast opportunities this region offers to its citizens and those looking for a new and exciting community in which to work, play and raise a family.  If you would like more information we would be pleased to have someone from our civic centre, our Chamber of Commerce, or our tourism organization, help you.  Our citizen settlement service centre and our community employment centre are also ready and eager to assist those in need of these services.
Our communities welcome you to join this exciting and energetic area dedicated to enhancing and preserving quality of life for all.
Len Derkach